Please fill out this form in order, only fill out boxes with an *

Step 1 - Cycle time

* Cycle time (Wait Time plus Process Time) in seconds not including breaks etc.

* % Shrinkage per cycle allowance on top of processing time for breaks etc.

Shrinkage time and downtime in the cycle

Total cycle time including breaks etc.

Step 2 - TAKT Time & Resource requirements

* Hours available to work (available to customers)

* Number of units the customer demands in that time

TAKT time - Number of seconds to produce one unit to produce in line with customer demand

Number of people required to produce to the required rate to fulfull customer demand
FTE (Full Time Equivalent)
P.S. In practice, you cannot employ a part person, so round this number up

Step 3 - Actual resource, drop off and completion rates

* Actual Resource (number of people working on the process)

Drop off rate in SECONDS (time to produce one unit with the current staffing levels)

Average completion rate (daily production in UNITS that will be produced with the current staffing levels)
units per day