The AuSQ Black Belt training is an advanced Lean Six Sigma training program designed to provide an extensive knowledge in Lean and Six Sigma principles and further includes a comprehensive component of Change Facilitation. The program provides participants with the skills to manage, champion and influence the outcomes of large strategic projects.

This program includes training on the advanced (statistical) tools required to execute the full range of Lean Six Sigma DMAIC projects. Practical exercises are incorporated to provide relevant scenarios for participants. During these modules each participants will be required to use statistical software. We offer either MINITAB™ and SigmaXL™ statistical software in our training. We assume prior knowledge of MINITAB™ or SigmaXL™. Participants will need to bring a laptop computer.


Who Should Attend

This program will take a Lean Six Sigma Green Belts through to Black Belt level skills.

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belts

  • Quality & business improvement resources

  • Senior managers

This course has proven to be equally relevant to manufacturing and service/transactional environments. 



Learning Objectives

  • Gain an extensive knowledge base of Six Sigma

  • DMAIC 15-step process including DMAIC for new product implementation

  • Develop a thorough understanding of the Lean concepts and tools and how to practically apply them in facilitating a Lean Action Workout

  • Acquire the skills to facilitate an extensive Value Stream Mapping session

  • Gain a strong understanding of Change Management principles and acquire the skills to engage stakeholders

  • Develop the skills needed to manage large strategic projects and mentor team members and Green Belts



Curriculum Outline

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is a 10 day intensive course exploring advanced aspects of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Elements covered in the course include:

Six Sigma Rigour

  • Six Sigma DMAIC 15-step process

  • Define – Critical to Quality customer requirements, managing project expectations

  • Measure – Product characteristics and data

  • Advanced Measure – Graphical analysis and MINITAB™ or SigmaXL™, Measurement System Analysis

  • Advanced Analyse – Current process capability, sources of process variation

  • Advanced Analyse - Graphical distributions, hypothesis testing & MINITAB™ or SigmaXL™

  • Advanced Improve – Design of experiments, piloting proposed solutions within acceptable tolerances, risks analysis & management

  • Advanced Control – Control charts, control management strategy

  • DMAIC for new products – New product implementations using Six Sigma

Lean Framework

  • Advanced Lean principles and foundation

  • Understanding Value and creating flow within a process

  • Value Stream Mapping – facilitating a VSM session

  • Establishing a Lean Measurement System and delivering financial business benefits

  • Creating a Future State

  • Standard Work

  • Creating efficient work cells

  • Mistake Proofing

  • Advanced 5S and Visual management & control

  • Kaizen and continuous improvement

Implementing Change

  • The Change transfer function

  • The Change Management process

  • Change Management toolkit

  • Managing stakeholders and influencing change

  • Sustaining the Change

  • Managing a Lean Action Workout

  • Managing a DMAIC Six Sigma project

  • Championing a Lean Six Sigma project



Certified Lean Six Sigma Practitioner– Black Belt  certification will be issued to the program participants who have successfully:

  • passed the AuSQ Black Belt knowledge test

  • completed two (2) large-scale, cross-functional business improvement projects using Lean Six Sigma framework and tools in the workplace




  • 10 days


  • A$ 9,350 incl. GST


What's Included:

 The course includes the following:

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courseware folder

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Quick Reference Guides

  • Black Belt knowledge test

  • Completion certificate

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification (project coaching not included)

  • Refreshments

  • Experienced instructors