Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG)

Eligibility criteria for Victorian students is as follows:


Acceptable Citizenship

  • Australian citizen or
  • Holder of a permanent visa or
  • Holder of a Special Category Visa (sub-class 444) or
  • East Timorese asylum seeker or
  • Holder of a Temporary Protection Visa



Under 20 Years of Age (as at 1 Jan)

  • Undertaking Recognised Accredited Training

Under 20 Years of Age (as at 1 Jan)

  • Undertaking Recognised training in a course that is at a higher qualification level than the highest qualification completed.  

Students may be eligible to receive VTG funding for up to two recognised training qualifications that are being undertaken concurrently.

Students may be required to pay a co-contribution depending on the qualification you are undertaking.


Federal Funding

The Australian Government offers financial support to businesses to undertake approved training and offer skills development for their employees. 

Federal government funding is available to employers who undertake approved programs for employees who meet the acceptable citizenship requirements, are employed for less than 3 months and are enrolled for the qualification as an Australian traineeship. 

Please contact us for further information on State and Federal government funding and support.