Executive Committee

The functions of the Executive Committee are to:

  • Provide directions and future plans

  • Establish priority areas and goals, which lead to better development and improvement of AuSQ

  • Formulate policies and all other matters affecting AuSQ

  • Define the terms of reference of committees and working groups as it considers appropriate for the organising and promoting of the activities of AuSQ

  • Establish contacts and collaborate with other related international quality management organisations

  • Approve the appointments and compositions of the various committees and working groups


Advisory Committee

The functions of the Advisory Committee are to:

  • Provide advice on a regular basis in relation to the training and assessment strategies

  • Provide advice on the academic and training requirements of the industries that AuSQ is providing training for

  • Provide advice to and receive reports from the AuSQ managers for each qualification or course that AuSQ provides

  • Provide industry input in the review of any training and or assessments resources, strategies, facilities and equipment used by AuSQ


Certification Committee

The functions of the Certification Committee are to:

  • Promote training, education and certification in the field of business excellence & quality management based on Lean and Six Sigma

  • Assess applications for certifications and review project submissions

  • Support continuous learning in the field of quality management using Lean and Six Sigma

  • Support career development of individual members

  • Provide the means for the exchange of information among individuals and organisations in relation to quality management