The AuSQ Lean Agile Product Owner workshop targets the customer side of an Agile project, focusing on the business owners and business analysts who must change how they work in order to effectively engage with Agile delivery teams.

The switch to Agile is non‐trivial for the business partners, and this course will provide the knowledge, skills, and practice necessary to be successful in managing an Agile project.


Who Should Attend

This program will develop skill & knowledge to be an effective Product Owner in an Agile project.

  • Agile Product Owners and Business Stakeholders
  • Business Analysts or Technical Analysts
  • Anyone who manages requirements for Agile teams

This course is available as an in-house training only.

This Product Owner class is suitable for those who are responsible for setting product direction on a Scrum project. While current Scrum Masters are welcome to attend, this class should not be considered as a next step after taking the Scrum Master training, but instead should be viewed as an alternative to the Scrum Master training.



Learning Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of the Lean Agile framework
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of Product Owner and Scrum Team
  • Talk the talk: learning the Product Owner terminology and practices
  • Walk through the processes that Product Owner do to support the Scrum Team to enable the delivery of great products
  • Discover the power of Scrum through communication, collaboration and cadence.
  • Uncover the pitfalls that Product Owners will encounter in an Agile project and understand how to overcome those challenges

Curriculum Outline

Lean Agile Product Owner is a 2-day course. Elements covered in the course include:

Agile Thinking

  • The origins of Agile thinking
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • The complexity of projects
  • Theoretical Vs. Empirical processes overview
  • The "Iron Triangle" of Project Management

Lean Agile Scrum Framework

  • The different Scrum roles
  • Chickens and Pigs
  • Iterative Development vs. Waterfall
  • Self Management concepts
  • Full disclosure and visibility
  • The Lean Agile Scrum framework overview

Lean Agile Scrum Roles

  • The Team Member
  • The Product Owner
  • The Scrum Master

Product Backlog, Product Visioning, and Progressive Elaboration

  • Defining the product vision
  • The contents of the product backlog
  • Prioritising time spent on the product backlog
  • Using user stories
  • INVEST model
  • Product backlog

Velocity and Story Points

  • Relative effort
  • Planning poker and Story Points
  • Ideal team days
  • Team capacity
  • Projecting a schedule
  • Project management variables and velocity

Prioritisation Considerations and Methods

  • Bringing prioritisation into a project
  • Themes and relative weighted priority
  • Prioritisation questions and considerations
  • The value of increasing our understanding
  • The value of risk reduction

Extracting Value and the Cost of Change

  • Fixed date contracts
  • Product backlog refactoring (”Grooming")
  • Release management
  • The impact of project switching
  • The impact of continuous forced marches
  • Earned value in an Agile environment


Certified Lean Agile Practitioner– Product Owner certification will be issued to the program participants who have successfully:

  • passed the AuSQ Lean Agile Product Owner knowledge test 
  • completed a business project or initiative as a Product Owner using Lean Agile framework and tools in the workplace



  • 2 days (available as an in-house training only)


  • A$ 1,895 incl. GST


 The course includes the following:

  • Lean Agile Product Owner courseware folder
  • Lean Agile Quick Reference Guides
  • Lean Agile Product Owner knowledge test
  • Completion certificate
  • Lean Agile Product Owner certification (project coaching not included) 
  • Refreshments
  • Experienced instructors