This code of practice outlines our commitment to our stakeholders, demonstrating Australian Society for Quality (AuSQ)’s approach to conducting a sound, ethical and quality service.


1. Our Commitment to You

Australian Society for Quality (AuSQ) is focused on meeting the needs of each person and business with which we are involved. We promise to:

a) Develop an understanding of the specific needs of each person and business we work with.

b) Maintain a strong connection to the industries with which we are involved.

c) Be flexible in our approach to dealing with you.

d) Always conduct business in a sound, ethical and fair manner.

e) Employ staff who are appropriately qualified and experienced for their role and who are objective and act with integrity.

f) Protect your rights to privacy.

g) Ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information we keep about you.

h) Always provide you with information on our fees, charges and refunds prior to entering into an agreement with you. 

i) Ensure our policies in relation to fees, charges and refunds are fair, clear and transparent.

j) Treat all people fairly and equitably.


2. Management Principles

2.1. AuSQ aims to be the best it can be.  To enable this, we:

a) Have a systematic and planned approach to the management of operations.

b) Are committed to total quality management and continuous improvement in all aspects of the business.

c) Provide the opportunity for our stakeholders; including staff, students, employers and industry; to provide feedback on any aspect of our performance at any time.

d) Collect regular feedback from stakeholders about all aspects of the business.

e) Use the feedback collected and measures of business performance to identify opportunities for improvement.

f) Ensure that decision making of senior management is informed by the experiences of our trainers and assessors.

g) Market and advertise our services with honesty, accuracy and integrity avoiding vague and ambiguous statements.

h) Foster an environment free from discrimination and harassment. 

i) Apply access and equity principles through all of our systems to promote full and equal participation of all people.


3. Educational Guarantee

3.1. AuSQ is committed to providing quality in training and assessment delivery.  We are committed to:

a) Providing nationally recognized training that meets the needs and expectations of students and industry.

b) Meeting the requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) and striving to exceed the standards of excellence where possible.

c) Delivering courses that are flexible, that meet the needs of a diverse range of students and have a holistic approach to training and assessment.

d) Producing graduates who are appropriately trained, skilled and experienced, and who have the skills required by industry.

e) Engaging with the industries in which our training and assessment services are provided to ensure that courses remain current, accurate and are reflective of industry requirements.

f) Maintaining a supportive learning environment that is conducive to the success of our students, our staff and other clients.

g) Ensuring that students and persons seeking to enroll receive clear, accurate and detailed information about our services prior to enrolment in a course.

h) Recognising all qualifications and statements of attainment issued by any other Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia, under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Reference: BQ1 - Code of Practice and Customer Service Charter V1.1-05-10-11