LEAN 6 is a leading Lean Six Sigma training and consulting organisation that focuses on the transfer of knowledge and skills. Clients achieve Business Excellence through both learning and the development of their people supported by highly talented Lean and Six Sigma practitioners.

LEAN 6 delivers the full range of Lean Six Sigma training programs while supporting participants through to completion of recognised Certifications and accredited Qualifications.

Website: www.lean6.com.au


MetaPM offers a comprehensive, cost effective suite of products and services that help organisations Australia-wide to raise their project management capability and improve their return on project investment.  

Their products and services are delivered through our three specialist practices:

Advisory Services to improve organisational project delivery capability.

Project Delivery Services. To drive the delivery of unique or critical projects.

Training Services accredited PRINCE2®, MSP®, P3O®, Managing Benefits™, Agile Project Management™ and ITIL® courses.

If you recognise that delivering successful projects requires more than just hiring additional resources, and you see value in building internal capability, then MetaPM can assist you to deliver projects that are consistently successful in achieving organisational change.

Website: www.metapm.com.au


Minitab is the leading provider of quality improvement software.

Minitab® Statistical Software has been used to implement virtually every major Six Sigma initiative worldwide. Quality Trainer by Minitab® teaches you how to analyse data anytime you are online. Companion by Minitab® helps organise your projects and execute every step.

Distinguished companies that rely on Minitab to help them achieve world-class quality include American Express, General Electric, Microsoft, Toyota Motor, and the leading Six Sigma consultants.

Download your Free Full-Featured Trial here.

Website: www.minitab.com


SigmaXL is a leading provider of user friendly Excel Add-ins for Lean Six Sigma Statistical and Graphical analysis. SigmaXL customers include market leaders like Agilent, DHL, Diebold, FedEx, LexisNexis, and Shell. SigmaXL is also used by numerous colleges and universities.

SigmaXL is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for Lean Six Sigma practitioners and business professionals around the world. SigmaXL was designed from the ground up to be a powerful, but easy to use Excel add-in that enables users to measure, analyze, and control their service, transactional, and manufacturing processes. Features include Multiple Histograms, Pareto Charts, Boxplots, Scatter Plots, Control Charts, and DOE.

Unique features in SigmaXL include Measurement Systems Analysis with confidence intervals, Multiple Linear Regression that accepts both continuous and categorical predictors, Capability Combination Report, and Control chart tools that allow users to add data to existing charts, split limits by historical group, scroll through chart data and produce an easy to read summary of test violation.

Download your Free Full-Featured Trial here.

Website: www.sigmaxl.com